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Apr 20

"That’s What Ygritte Said" Returns

I started a weekly Game of Thrones newsletter last year. Due to the unexpected response, its back for Season 4. Check it out!

Send me your email to join the weekly email list and feel free to share the link with fellow Game of Thrones watchers.

Feb 11

Top 10 Movies of 2013

I’ve been dreading writing this post. Not because in my fourth year of making these annual top ten lists, it’s become a chore or anything like that. But it’s because the range of films I saw in 2013 cannot be summed up in a paragraph or two. They aren’t as easy to condense into my favorite shot, character detail, or line of dialogue—like I did in previous years.

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Dec 31

Top 10 TV Shows of 2013

I don’t watch television (or more accurately: television shows on my computer) nearly as much as I watch films. Mind you, I don’t get to watch all the new theatrical releases that I want to in any given year, but I watch enough to get a good idea of the big picture or the “landscape” (as professional critics call it) for that year in cinema.

Conversely, my opinion of the TV landscape in 2013 is colored by how little I actually watched (relatively speaking). This was the first year I felt there was too much quality TV to keep up with. So with the disclaimer that I missed out on a lot of really good TV this year, here are my ten favorite TV shows of 2013:

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Nov 07

The Night I Watched Two Movies with Quentin Tarantino

September 5, 2013 – It was Noah Baumbach double feature night at the New Beverly Cinema*. In a heartbeat, I was there. Alone. Because the two friends who were supposed to meet me there backed out last minute (something about being tired and/or sick). Their loss, because the night I was about to experience would be one of the most memorable and special cinema-related moments in my life.

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Sep 30


imageI’ve never been too fond of the phrase “second family to describe a group of people you are very close to, but aren’t your actual family.

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Aug 31

Amélie (2001)


I’m slowly making the move from Tumblr to Wordpress.

Read my post about Amélie over there.

Jul 31

Why July?

Public note to self: July 2013 is the month is all started.

Jun 29

Top Pixar Movies Part 2: The (Disappointing) Sequel

Almost exactly three years ago (after Toy Story 3 came out), I posted a list of my favorite Pixar movies.

This is the disappointing sequel.

With Toy Story 3, Pixar completed the best movie trilogy that I can think of. (The Godfather trilogy has Part III, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy come really close, and I still haven’t finished Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy and Leone’s Dollars trilogy.)

But since then, Pixar has come out with good but not great films—especially by Pixar standards. Are they running out of fresh ideas? Or maybe it’s because Disney (who bought Pixar roughly around the same time the lesser films started development) is more concerned with milking the franchise cow with all these prequels/sequels? In any case, here is an updated list of Pixar movies from my favorite to least favorite:

  1. Toy Story, 1995
  2. Ratatouille, 2007
  3. WALL-E, 2008
  4. Toy Story 2, 1999
  5. The Incredibles, 2004
  6. Toy Story 3, 2010
  7. Up, 2009
  8. Finding Nemo, 2003
  9. Monsters, Inc., 2001
  10. A Bug’s Life, 1998
  11. Brave, 2012
  12. Monsters University, 2013
  13. Cars, 2006
  14. Cars 2, 2011

So as you can see, all the new films since my first list are at the bottom. Not very surprising. Message/email me your favorite Pixar movies!

May 31

On Set

imageBudweiser Select shoot - May 21, 2013

Apr 21

Introducing “That’s What Ygritte Said”

I started a weekly Game of Thrones newsletter last week. If you watch the show, you should check it out (while I finish writing this week’s—posted before the new episode).

Message me your email to join the weekly email list and feel free to share the link with fellow Game of Thrones watchers.